Saturday (7/28) - Iowa City to Davenport

Friday (7/27) - Sigourney to Iowa City

Thursday (7/26) - Newton to Sigourney

Wednesday (7/25) - Ames to Newton

Tuesday (7/24) - Jefferson to Ames

Monday (7/23) - Denison to Jefferson

The IVR team started the day Dennison with a band of showers that only lasted a few minutes. We saw Lance Armstrong shortly after the start, (pretty cool!) and had lunch in Coon Rapids. Today was the longest day of the ride (72 miles, 3700 feet total ascent). We are camping in a Baptist churchyard tonight in Jefferson. Our IVR riders hail from eleven different cities: Iowa City (IA), Holland (MI), Jackson (MI), Atlanta (GA), Boston (MA), Columbia (MO), Kansas City (MO), Chicago (IL), Evanston (IL), Washington (DC), and Los Angeles (CA).

Sunday (7/22) - Onawa to Denison

Saturday (7/21)

Friday (7/20)

Blog entries will begin tomorrow. The ride begins Sunday!