Peterson Family

Todd and Amber Peterson have four children. The older three have reduced central vision due to Stargardt disease. They write: “The work that the Institute for Vision Research is doing gives us hope that life changing conditions like Stargardt disease will be cured in the not-too-distant future. Taylor (24), Brooklyn (18), and James (16) have all adapted well to living with Stargardt disease, but they look forward to the day that they are able to see better and perhaps even be able to do things that others take for granted like driving a car. Taylor graduated from ISU with a degree in Agricultural Systems Technology and is currently working in Cedar Rapids at Junge Control as a Mechanical Designer. Brooklyn graduated from high school this spring and will be attending Kirkwood College this fall. Brooklyn plans to pursue a career as a Dietitian. James will be a sophomore in high school and is looking forward to playing football this fall and soccer in the spring. Their younger brother Cash (10) has good vision and often serves as the "eyes" for his older siblings. Cash is very aware of his siblings’ condition and has learned without prompting how to narrate what he sees.